ExchangeDefender Essentials

ExchangeDefender Essentials

ExchangeDefender Essentials is a fully hosted and fully managed service that was designed to improve email security, business continuity, and assure email delivery. We offer this service without the comprehensive tools and services included with our full ExchangeDefender solution, cost conscious customers can get the market-leading services at the fraction of the cost and only protect the most vital of business infrastructure.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Secure and hassle-free SPAM and Virus Filtering
  • Provides multi-threaded protection using 6 different commercial antivirus engines
  • Mail queuing will hold all inbound mail for up to 5 days as disaster recovery or a service outage
  • Gives you the ability to read and send email even while your mail server is down
  • Protects you from viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and adware
  • Full, real-time and secure access to all SPAM mail via the web interface
  • No management, maintenance, manual switches or software to install
  • Branded client experience through the ExchangeDefender centralized admin portal
  • We do all the work for you from management and migration to implementation
  • Risk-free implementation and easy management


ExchangeDefender Essentials AntiSPAM protection keeps SPAM out of your mailbox by scanning all messages for known SPAM patterns before they reach your mail server. By intercepting junk mail in the cloud, your Inbox stays clean and your mail server has more resources for other tasks.

  • SPAM filtering is configurable per account and can deliver & tag, quarantine or even delete SPAM messages
  • Multiple SPAM categories make it easy to manage junk mail and eliminate obvious SPAM
  • Domain and personal user whitelists make sure important mail gets through right away
  • Multiple SPAM filtering technologies keep you safe and protected: DCC, SpamAssassin, Pyzor, commercial RBL's


ExchangeDefender Essentials scans for all known viruses and other dangerous malware in the cloud before it can infect your mail server or your computer. By using multiple commercial antivirus engines you always get the latest protection against zero-day threats.

  • Providing multithreaded protection using 6 different commercial antivirus engines
  • Multiple commercial antivirus engines are updated every minute with latest definitions
  • Virus filtering goes beyond attachments, filtering messages for links to known botnet sites
  • Stopping identity theft by blocking phishing and adding authenticity to your mail messages
  • Multiple malware scanners keep zero-day attacks from damaging your mailbox by being quarantined in the cloud

ExchangeDefender Essentials Emergency

ExchangeDefender Essentials keeps you safe even when your mail server goes down. Because all mail is delivered to ExchangeDefender, your mail will stay in our cloud until your mail server recovers and downloads messages.

  • Business continuity keeps messages in-queue while your server is down
  • Mail can be delivered to a different IP address in case of emergency, disaster, or migration
  • Your server can stay offline for days, ExchangeDefender Essentials will attempt to deliver every 15 minutes
  • 5 days of rolling email archiving
  • Ability to read and send email even while your mail server is down
  • Secure web and mobile access to your email


ExchangeDefender Essentials always keeps you close to your email. All SPAM that ExchangeDefender Essentials filters out can be accessed for 5 days after it was received and is available for review in real-time.

  • ExchangeDefender Essentials Reporting gives you real-time access to all SPAM
  • Senders can be whitelisted so that new mail is never quarantined
  • Messages can be released to your mail server and delivered within 60 seconds without being whitelisted
  • Full, real-time and secure access to all SPAM mail via the web interface


ExchangeDefender Essentials is the simplest mail security product on the market, anyone can manage it. Adding users and email addresses is quick, easy and requires no advanced technical knowledge or IT management experience.

  • Customize corporate disclaimers and signatures on demand
  • Add, remove and manage users and their whitelists through a simple web interface
  • Get real-time reports on all SPAM activity and overall network status
  • Users can self-police their accounts (email addresses, whitelists, etc.) via web
  • Full administrative, user, and SPAM Czar access to all quarantined mail in real-time

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