Exchange Essentials

Exchange Essentials FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions that we have compiled from our clients about our Exchange Essentials offering. We hope that these questions will assist you with any issues surrounding Exchange Essentials. For more information about Exchange Essentials visit

Can I use ExchangeDefender Essentials with Exchange Essentials?

Unfortunately, no. When looking at the redundancy and failover needs in our Essentials product we have come to a conclusion that a more redundant offering is needed and only the full ExchangeDefender suite is available as an addon. Good news is, we are extending it at a 50% discount to retail.

Can I use a third party antispam/security service?

Unfortunately, due to the security requirements, we are unable to allow direct access to a third party provider to our servers. If you still wish to use a third party provider you can point the MX record to and it might work but it also might get blacklisted entirely and null route the domain.

Do I get SMTP relay permissions to connect printers/copiers?

Relay feature is only available in the full product. Because of the security considerations and custom configuration we need to implement we are currently unable to deliver this feature at the discounted Exchange Essentials service.

Are aliases and domain aliases included?

Yes, you can have as many domains and email addresses as you wish.

Does ExchangeDefender Essentials support catch-all / domain drop addresses?

No, unfortunately we will not allow your mailbox to become a DDoS drop box. While the desire for such a feature is noble "what if someone misspells my email address?" the reality is that address book mapping solutions will just clog your mailbox and make it unusable. If a legitimate sender really does misspell your email address they will just get a rejection and try to send the email again.

Are public folders or shared calendars supported?

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in our full Exchange product.

Can I use my own copy of Outlook or older versions of Office?

Yes, you can certainly use your own Outlook or older version of Office from 2003 to 2016.

Can I use third party non-Microsoft mail clients?

Yes, it is possible to use third party email clients if they support MAPI or connect through Outlook Web Access - many mobile solutions do so. Unfortunately, we don't provide technical support or configuration troubleshooting for anything other than Outlook so please test your desired client before ordering the service that may not work with it.

Is ActiveSync included, can I remotely wipe devices?

Yes! You can wipe your Windows or iPhone device from Outlook Web App. Android, that's a Google problem.

Can I use my mobile phone with ExchangeDefender Exchange Essentials?

Yes! We'll even help you configure it.

Is virus protection included?

Absolutely. We wouldn't let you get hacked!

Are distribution lists included?

Yes, you can control your own distribution lists.

Are external contacts included?

Of course, external contacts and aliases are easy to add.

Is a copy of Outlook or an Outlook license included?

Unfortunately, this feature is only available with our full Exchange product.

Can I mix and match your full Exchange hosting with Exchange Essentials hosting?

Unfortunately, no, there is no support for split domains or service mixing. The solution is already so affordable that there is really no need.

Can you provide any migration or advanced configuration support?

If you have a custom project or an advanced configuration need, Essentials is really not the right product for that. It's designed to be cookie-cutter and simple to use for people that just need the essential Exchange feature set. If you need to get fancy get in touch with us and let's plan your full Exchange deployment.

Outlook not connecting, why?

Not sure, but if you give us a call or open a ticket or chat with us we can check the configuration and make sure it's not here. If it's somewhere else it's up to you to be a hero for your client and figure out if their workstation or ISP is causing problems.

Can you import my clients data?

Yes, but not in the Essentials product. Give us a call so we can plan your full Exchange rollout.

Are there any discounts for quantity, non-profit, military, etc.?

The product is already the most affordable Exchange solution on the market. But we hear you and we may be able to help on our ExchangeDefender, LiveArchive, Compliance or Encryption addons.

Can I combine discounts from other promotions?

Unfortunately, we cannot make this product any more affordable than it already is.

Can I prepay or get terms or an invoice?

Unfortunately, no, everything is billed on a monthly basis and to keep it so affordable we need to automate as much as possible.

Can you troubleshoot my mail flow?

Unfortunately, advanced mail troubleshooting is not available in this product.

Can I get access to my mail logs?

Unfortunately, logs are only available in our full Exchange offering.

Is there an SLA for support and outages?

We guarantee 99.999% uptime availability and discounts/rebates if we don't hold that promise.

What is the largest file I can email?

The largest file you can email is 100Mb. After that things slow down and start timing out - if you need to regularly send larger files get in touch with us for a full Exchange solution.

Can I call for phone support?

Of course! We are here and would love to talk to you.

Do you offer chat/online support? Support portal?

Absolutely. Head on over to and we'd love to chat or respond to your ticket.

Is the Exchange Essentials available outside of United States?

Yes, you can connect to our Exchange Essentials from any country on the planet, maybe even the ISS! But if you're wondering if your data can be stored in Australia or the EU, unfortunately, not at this price. But.. we have servers all over the world in our full Exchange offering.

Can I get more storage?

Unfortunately, additional storage is not available with this product. At over 25GB we really can't guarantee you'll enjoy opening your Outlook either.

Can you bill the client directly for me? Who gets called for support?

Unfortunately, the only way we can bill the client directly and support them directly is if they sign up for our full product. From a liability and support standpoint, we can't help a client that is only buying a limited product.

Can you export my PST or import my PST?

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in our full Exchange hosting product. But you can import and export PST files all day long from your desktop.

Can I create or use custom Exchange Transport Rules?

Unfortunately, custom solutions are only available with our full Exchange offering.

Can I get access to Lync, SharePoint, SharePoint Web apps?

Unfortunately, these things cost money and Microsoft is as much of a fan as we are - so if you really need these features we can definitely provision them in our full Exchange product.

What sort of troubleshooting assistance can I get?

We can help you configure your client, point you to the documentation, answer general presale and support questions - but in terms of trying to figure out what may be going wrong outside of our network - that's only available in the full product.

I accidentally deleted an email a few weeks ago can you help me recover it?

You can automatically recover deleted items through Outlook, even if you deleted it from your trash. Unfortunately if the tombstoning period has passed we can't get that email unless you are subscribing to our Compliance Archiving product.

Addons FAQ's

Can I select which mailboxes I add Compliance Archiving to?

Compliance is an organizational feature set - either you are in compliance or nobody is. As such, you can't pick and choose who gets it or who doesn't because by definition alone you're not complying with archiving every email that goes in/out of your organization.

Can I use my own MSP ExchangeDefender account?

At the moment, no. We are working on it but for billing simplicity you will be given a separate MSP account to manage your Essentials users. You'll still be able to manage them centrally from the same interface but there will be a separate login and credentials for billing purposes.

Do I get SPAM reports and tools to access my SPAM quarantine?

Yes, you get full SPAM reports and access to quarantines via web, mobile, desktop and Addin if you sign up with ExchangeDefender.

What constitutes project work?

Anything beyond the basic connection and account setup is considered a project. If you need more than the basic Exchange Essentials, as the name implies, we'll happily get you into our full product with all the bells and whistles.

What sort of backup or business continuity measures are in place?

We have in-server storage redundancy as well as DAG replication to a separate storage cluster. If you need an assurance that you'll never ever lose data you'll have to either get Compliance Archive or our full Exchange solution.