ExchangeDefender: Business Continuity

Keeps You in Business!

ExchangeDefender goes beyond e-mail security- it helps keeps you in business when your connectivity is interrupted:

  • LiveArchive is a complete, always-on separate mail system you can rely on
  • LiveArchive is securely accessible over the web
  • LiveArchive gives you access to the past 365 days of email and is real-time
  • LiveArchive provides continuous delivery of email even while your mail server is down
  • LiveArchive knows you - accounts are pre-configured with the correct display name and email aliases
  • ExchangeDefender spools 7 days of email and keeps it from bouncing

ExchangeDefender is a complete mail solution, and nothing reinforces that statement more than LiveArchive. For the ultimate peace of mind, LiveArchive provides always-on, real-time, secure web access to your email when your mail server is down, disconnected or undergoing maintenance - all without sacrificing your corporate identity.

LiveArchive Lets You Stay in Business

LiveArchive is an enterprise-grade business continuity platform that let's you resume work right where you left off if the Internet connection was interrupted or other technical glitches got in the way of getting things done. Powered by Microsoft Exchange 2007 & 2013 in multiple data centers, LiveArchive delivers a robust and redundant solution that is secure, reliable and free! The best part of all is that LiveArchive is always-on, constantly archiving your sent and received mail, so there is no maintenance or management to worry about in case of an outage.

For a lot more information on LiveArchive, click here.

Mail Spooling/Bagging is Your Mail Server's Voicemail

In addition to LiveArchive, ExchangeDefender has a built-in mail spooling/mailbagging mechanism that guarantees message delivery to your server in case of an outage. ExchangeDefender allows you to go offline and perform routine system management & maintenance without worrying about losing mail and bouncing back messages. If the message cannot be delivered to your server, ExchangeDefender "spools" and checks in with your server every 5 minutes and delivers the message when your server is back online.

ExchangeDefender will spool inbound mail for up to one week.

Advantage of a Global Network

ExchangeDefender's global network reach is critical to its success because we serve customers in over 143 countries with servers at over 40 data centers. Even though the Internet is very resilient and reliable, many configuration issues can interrupt the reliable flow of email. ExchangeDefender is not only more reliable because it gets bandwidth from many data centers and network carriers, but it is also more likely to deliver your mail on a timely basis because there are far more paths to use than you might be able to bring into your office.

Secure Outside Corporate Walls

ExchangeDefender is designed and confirgured to provide multiple layers of security. For example, we use completely encrypted file systems to restrict any rogue processes from reading the configuration or mail that may be temporarily on the system. Furthermore, all communications between ExchangeDefender scanning nodes, archive servers, reporting servers and administrative control panels are completely encrypted. Finally, ExchangeDefender completely supports SSL (TLS/SMTP over SSL) to securely deliver mail in to and out of your organization.

We have passed a strict SAS 70 Type II audit detailing our security policies and protocols, assuring all staff access to the servers and systems is audited and monitored. Unlike traditional network deployments in which IT staff can access all systems and all content, ExchangeDefender encryption, security and storage isolation make it impossible for staff to locate, access or tamper with your data.