ExchangeDefender: Client Software

ExchangeDefender Client Software

ExchangeDefender Client Software includes downloadable agent software that allows users to access the most popular ExchangeDefender features directly from the programs they work in without remembering another login or launching a web browser. ExchangeDefender Outlook 2013 agent integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook 2013 to allow users to report SPAM, release SPAM messages and manage whitelists and general configuration options. Our ExchangeDefender Desktop agent goes a little further and sleeps in the Windows Notification area, popping up every hour to offer the listing of any new SPAM for users that need timely access to their junk mail.


  • Report SPAM that slips through so you never have to see it again
  • Users don't have to remember web sites, usernames and passwords
  • Most popular features are only a click away
  • Rich client integration with hourly alerts decreases the chance that a legitimate message may go ignored
  • No need to wait for hours for the daily SPAM report to come in via email
  • Ability to search SPAM quarantines and quickly access anything that got trapped by mistake
  • One-click access to ExchangeDefender Admin and ExchangeDefender LiveArchive

SPAM Quarantine Management

ExchangeDefender Client Software allows for quarantine access, search and management that is only a click away. Loading data in real-time allows users to get most up-to-date SPAM that was captured by ExchangeDefender and release it directly to their Inbox.

Clearly, this is the best way to deal with the SPAM because it does not involve long lists or long waits for browsers to refresh the page. Needless to say that this feature uses real-time data that is available on-demand, no need to wait for the daily or intraday SPAM reports.

Interface Integration

ExchangeDefender Client Software is fully brandable, allowing you to project your business brand to your clients and users so that they can associate the benefits with your company. User interface is integrated with the overall user experience to be quickly accessible without causing a distraction or drawing attention.

Outlook 2007/2013 Addin ribbon is visible from the message view and can be used to submit SPAM, report messages for further review by our support team, check SPAM quarantines and more.

The Annoyerizer or Desktop Agent is always available in the Windows Notification area, popping up on an hourly basis to alert you to any new SPAM that may be waiting for your review. For sales staff, travel agencies and users that receive mail from many unknown sources, this feature is crucial to a fast response.

Dynamic statistics provide graphical overview of users email activity, broken down into SPAM, SureSPAM and legitimate mail categories. This can give users a sense for the amount of SPAM that they are receiving. When users are first added to ExchangeDefender they feel like mail is not flowing properly because they are used to receiving mail every minute. With ExchangeDefender and this handy statistics panel you can show them how well the product is working and they can see the trends of junk mail that is being kept from their Inbox.

Both agents allow for quick settings management, whitelist/trusted senders so that frequent senders can be allowed through without extensive SPAM checks. It's important to note that this is the users personal whitelist section and can always be managed or overriden by the domain-wide policy that the administrator manages. So if one particular user wishes to trust all mail from they are free to do so without impacting ExchangeDefender's ability to filter out other users on the same domain.


For ExchangeDefender downloads simply click on the link:

Outlook 2007 Agent
Outlook 2010 Agent
Outlook 2013 Agent
Desktop Agent