ExchangeDefender: FailPOP Failover

ExchangeDefender FailPOP

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive was designed to provide organizations with enterprise-grade business continuity powered by Microsoft Exchange 2013. While LiveArchive provides unparalleled business continuity with 1 year of free archiving, extended outages have a different set of requirements. Users are often offline, using mobile devices and outages can be permanent for days, weeks or even months.


  • Access mail securely via POP3 and IMAP4 using SSL encryption
  • Send mail from anywhere using SMTP SSL, even if your ISP blocks port 25
  • Compatible with virtually all email software and mobile devices

Using our experience in managing ExchangeDefender LiveArchive and seeing firsthand how many businesses are affected by long term outages and inconveniences, we decided to design FailPOP - your standby full featured mail server.

How It Works

Login to FailPOP
Login to and enable FailPOP. ExchangeDefender will automatically provision all users' accounts & passwords and start accepting mail within the hour.

Configure Your Mobile Device or Email Software
Use as it's POP3/SMTP server, also enable SSL and leave mail on the server. Username is your email address; password is your ExchangeDefender password.

Download Messages to Your Server
When your infrastructure is back up & running, simply download the messages to your server before you turn FailPOP off. We can also automatically stream them down to your server.


For deployment instructions and additional technical/business considerations, please consult the FailPOP deployment guide.

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In order to correctly use FailPOP please refer to the following guide.

FailPOP Failover