ExchangeDefender: Network Design

Designed for Reliability & Redundancy

ExchangeDefender is a reliable, distributed cloud-based system with global presence:

  • ExchangeDefender systems are located in 14 global Tier-1 data centers
  • ExchangeDefender systems operate independently without a single point of failure
  • ExchangeDefender grows on demand and is interconnected using BGP4 routing with over 50 carriers
  • ExchangeDefender is monitored, managed and controlled from two geographically independent NOCs
  • ExchangeDefender systems operate from secure/locked cages, encrypted file systems and connections

Providing protection and business continuity that is both redundant and reliable, ExchangeDefender protects customers from 143 countries and has a network infrastructure that grows and scales with new functionality and keeps you safe from emerging threats.

Security at Every Level

ExchangeDefender is designed to be secure at every level with encrypted storage, encrypted connections, encrypted databases and sophisticated access controls on both the software and the hardware.

On the network level, ExchangeDefender is protected by Tipping Point IDS products and Cisco Powered networks. Physical security is equally important. Our servers are at Tier 1 data centers worldwide with sophisticated physical and plant security, and each server is in a locked cage without direct console, serial or USB access to the individual nodes.

Product of a Network Infrastructure Company

ExchangeDefender is the product of a network infrastructure company. We host one of the most redundant cloud-based networks in the world which is very much unlike our competitors who hold their entire infrastructure in a single building. ExchangeDefender systems are located throughout 14 data centers around the world and receive bandwidth from over 80 providers, all of which use BGP4 routing for redundancy. With unique distribution of network, monitoring and management roles, the ExchangeDefender is as secure as it is redundant which is the key deciding factor when it comes to trusting someone with your email.

Global Presence, Global Management, Global Independence

ExchangeDefender is a decentralized network managed through two geographically independent network operation centers (NOCs). Any of our data centers can suffer a complete loss at any time without significantly impacting our performance and availability. These key competencies also allow ExchangeDefender to scale and respond to emerging threats and increased SPAM traffic (both in count and bandwidth).