ExchangeDefender: Reporting

Accountable to Users, Administrators & Service Providers

ExchangeDefender remains accountable to everyone that uses the system through:

  • Daily reports come in through email containing past 24 hours of actionable quarantined junk mail
  • Intraday reports help remind the user of any mail that may have been caught throughout the day
  • Email reports provide statistics, keeping the user aware of the SPAM problem and policies in place
  • Full, real-time and secure access to all SPAM mail via the web interface
  • Monthly domain and MSP reporting indicating performance and bandwidth/productivity savings
  • Reporting integration with major PSA platforms in Shockey Monkey, Connectwise and Autotask

Protection without accountability is meaningless, which is why ExchangeDefender excels at reporting its activity at every administrative level. By reporting and interacting with users as well as administrators and partners, the system learns and becomes more effective.

Real-Time Web Reports and Analytics

ExchangeDefender provides in-depth reporting both online and on schedule. Your users and administrators as well as our partners and resellers can obtain rich real-time reports that can be searched, printed or imported into other reporting systems. Reporting is integral because it provides accountability of the system to its users and allows users themselves to address any problems without involving helpdesk or administrative staff, thus improving productivity and reducing costs. Likewise, business reports generated at the end of the month provide business key performance indicators that show you the true value of ExchangeDefender.

ExchangeDefender web portals are real-time and are the preferred way of interacting with the system.

Client Software = Convenience

ExchangeDefender Client Software Suite allows your users to interact with ExchangeDefender services without leaving their computing experience. If you live inside of Outlook 2007, ExchangeDefender provides an Outlook addon that lets you view your SPAM quarantines, review statistics and manage whitelists. If you are in an environment that requires real-time response (financial, sales, travel industry) and cannot wait for the next daily or intraday email, ExchangeDefender Desktop Application provides hourly popups informing you of any mail that arrived in your SPAM quarantines.

Convenient Daily & Intraday Email Quarantine Reports

One of the most popular ExchangeDefender features is the email report. Generated at a schedule you set, daily and intraday reports contain a list of messages (senders, subjects) that ExchangeDefender considered as likely or certain SPAM. Users have the ability to instantly release messages or trust the senders (add to whitelist) just by clicking on a link.

ExchangeDefender provides the ability to disable reports completely, enable daily reports or enable daily and intraday reports. Daily reports include the past 24 hours of quarantined mail, and intraday reports include the SPAM that was quarantined since the daily report was generated.

Finally, both daily and intraday reports include a secure link to the ExchangeDefender administrative portal where users can manage all aspects of the ExchangeDefender configuration. All dates and times are displayed in the user's home time zone, all messages are searchable and policies can be defined on a granular enough basis to apply to a single email address.

PSA Integration and Rich Business Data Key Performance Indicators

ExchangeDefender reports are very rich but, for added convenience, we also integrate with major PSA platforms such as Shockey Monkey, Connectwise and Autotask so that the major statistical breakdowns can be included in the client's executive reports. Furthermore, ExchangeDefender executive reports show detailed performance indicators such as the number of messages processed, number of hours saved, bandwidth savings and so on.

ExchangeDefender is the only platform with deep integration into ConnectWise and Autotask systems: Support requests can be moved to ExchangeDefender's service board/queue through which ExchangeDefender can provide resolution and help your staff or user troubleshoot the issue without logging issues into two support portals.

Message Previews Make You More Productive

ExchangeDefender Message Previews make users more productive by giving full access to the messages stored in the SPAM quarantines without having to be released or trusted. Traditionally, SPAM filters have always allowed releases from the SPAM quarantines but that required you to dedicate time to going through the list, waiting for the messages to be delivered and then finally acting on them. ExchangeDefender eliminates all that and gives users direct access to the full message to read, reply, whitelist and release right on the web.

ExchangeDefender Message Previews are integrated at all levels of the system and even available for messages released from email SPAM reports. Users can see the contents of the messages as they are releasing them. System administrators and MSPs can assist their clients and provide information to the users directly and immediately without asking for passwords or copies of SPAM digests. Furthermore, message previews are available for 30 days after the message is received.