Access Your Mail & Migrate It Too

ExchangeDefender SplitMX was designed to enable seamless migrations to ExchangeDefender Exchange 2013 without losing any email. Typically businesses schedule migrations around long weekends to make sure no email is lost during the MX record change and migration from the old email environment to the new mail hosting provider.


  • SplitMX functions as an email proxy, duplicating messages and sending one copy to the existing infrastructure and another to the new hosted Exchange 2013 mailbox.
  • It's cloud-based so it doesn't require any software installation. Because it delivers mail seamlessly to multiple destinations migration is less stressful and time sensitive.
  • Built into ExchangeDefender, quick to deploy and manage!

With ExchangeDefender SplitMX the inbound mail is copied to both the existing infrastructure and the new hosted mailboxes, allowing for a seamless transition without email loss.

How It Works

Order Mailboxes
Order and configure your ExchangeDefender Exchange 2010 mailboxes at support.ownwebnow.com.

Login & Enable SplitMX
Login as domain administrator and click on Configuration and enable SplitMX. You will need the IP address of your existing mail server and the ExchangeDefender Deployment Guide.

Migrate Your Email
Migrate your email to the Exchange 2010 infrastructure. All inbound & outbound mail for your domain will be delivered to your on-premise server & our Hosted Exchange server.

Check Configuration
After you have finished your migration, login as domain administrator to admin.exchangedefender.com, click on Configuration and disable SplitMX.


For deployment instructions and additional technical/business considerations, please consult the SplitMX deployment guide.

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In order to correctly use SplitMX please refer to the following guide.

SplitMX Guide