ExchangeDefender Partner Testimonies

Partner Testimonies

Our partners are the lifeblood of ExchangeDefender! We greatly value our partners opinions, feedback, requests, etc., and always give our best effort to accomodate their needs and wants. Take a look at some of the testimonies that we have gathered over the years.

"This is a great product and we plan on implementing it with all of our clients who need it."

-Liz Lowry, Professional Technologies

"Exchange Hosting and the simplicity of setting everything up has been great for the handful of clients that I have on it. Keep up the good work."

-Abhishek Kuril, Linked IT Solutions

"We have a client in a rural area that only has one choice for broadband access. This provider has not progressed along with technology and current practices. The result is that they block all useful inbound ports. The client had therefore been unable to utilize their Small Business Server for incoming email. They were looking for options to expand their use of technology in this area. We presented the Hosted Exchange solution from ExchangeDefender that we had in our portfolio of services. The client tried it out with two users and then quickly expanded the use throughout the company. They started with Blackberry Service as well and have since diversified into Blackberry and iPhone sync. The client has been quite pleased with the service and all that the ExchangeDefender features add to the offering compared to other options."

-Steven Groves, Binary IT Solutions, Inc.

"The service and support provided by ExchangeDefender is top notch. Creating a new client for Exchange 2010 and provisioning accounts is a snap. I do not have to worry if the accounts have been provisioned correctly. I just wait a few minutes and the accounts are provisioned and publically accessible. The spam protection and other features are excellent and easy to use and find information. Support services are provided with prompt and friendly responses. I can get any my issues fixed within one hour. They are very understanding when it comes to downtime for maintenance and the impact on my customers. I can say that this beats other hosted services that I have used in the past."

-Justin Rivera, IT Solutions of South Florida

"We've been on the hosted exchange for about a year, now. It's been nice to not worry about our own server's health, status, or management. Plus, switching devices and moving from computer to computer has been super easy. I don't think I would go back to running my own mail server."

-David Burton, nXs Technology

"We have several clients depending on ExchangeDefender for their Exchange email and spam filtering services. The service is very reliable and comprehensive. ExchangeDefender is an excellent and cost-effective solution for small and mid-sized organizations looking to outsource their IT services."

-Jeff Beller, Skoda Minotti

"I have been using ExchangeDefender since October 2009, great product, great results, I would highly recommend it."

-Paraic Sweeney, Achill Computer Services, Inc.

"We had a prospective client about ready to pay separately for a web/file sharing solution. We were able to use the Web Share feature in ExchangeDefender as a selling point and a cost savings. Web Share definitely helped us close the deal."

-Wyn Bryant, Vista IT Solutions

"We have tried and used a number of Hosted Exchange providers, and we have finally found the one we will stick with. When we have experienced problems, the support has been fast and efficient. You guys have provided the best value for the clients' money and have won our business. All of our new Hosted Exchange clients will be getting ExchangeDefender and all existing clients will be migrated over, as we are able to. We look forward to working with you for years to come."

-Chris Pool, First Column Enterprises, LLC

"Our largest client runs their own Exchange server, or should I say we run it for them. A couple of years ago they started getting emails bounced back, and they contacted us about the problem. To our horror, we found out that their IP address had been placed on multiple blacklists thanks to some infected laptops that had been, unknowingly, brought onsite by contractors. We rushed to find a way to resolve this critical issue. We ended up finding out about ExchangeDefender, and it was the perfect solution. There were similar products out there, but they all wanted direct access to our client. ExchangeDefender was at a fantastic price, and it allowed us to maintain the client relationship. We had it up and running within a few hours, and email was flowing again. Our client was extremely happy, and we were relieved. Thanks ExchangeDefender!"

-Chris Michalec, Parkway Technology Solutions

"ExchangeDefender just works. It very good at blocking the garbage and delivering what the user needs. LiveArchive is the best feature with nothing out there in it's class anywhere near the price point. I am very pleased with ExchangeDefender and will continue offering it to all of my clients. ExchangeDefender Hosted Exchange is a good value, and now delivers Exchange 2010 along with LiveArchive. The biggest drawback with most Hosted Exchange services have is the inability to access current email when there is an outage in the front-end or store related to their mailbox. LiveArchive mitigates that by having access to all of the incoming mail on an alternate system much the same way as it does with the regular ED MX product."

-Felipe Vidal, Vital Systems Support, LLC

"ExchangeDefender has been a great product for my clients, and in turn my company. We have Hosted Exchange Mailboxes currently deployed for three, soon to be four different clients. Our clients get all of the features they read about in magazines, but don't usually see or can afford in our area. For Garner IT Consulting, ExchangeDefender is easy to deploy and manage; thanks to in large part the fantastic support. The best complement I could give would be a referral to a peer company, which we did and they are reporting good things about their initial trial of ExchangeDefender."

-Randall Garner, Garner IT Consulting

"Since starting with ExchangeDefender in 2009, we have been able to deliver to our clients reliable, secure and affordable solutions. Through business experience and technology expertise, ExchangeDefender has the know-how to achieve effective knowledge management, deliver leading edge solutions and implement best business practices for our clients. With ExchangeDefender integrated solutions in place, our clients are able to produce stronger results, achieve competitive advantage and reap a lasting return on their investment. ExchangeDefender helps us to keep IT systems operational, available and secure so that clients can focus on the everyday demands of expanding their business, managing costs and increasing revenues."

-Daniel Mathieu, Mytech Solutions, LLC

"With ExchangeDefender LiveArchive feature we were able to help our clients continue business as usual even though the power was out due to a winter storm. The ability to have each user access their email via the web using alternate Internet access allowed them to respond to email and support their customers without interruption."

-Richard Kenyon, HL Tech Solutions

"We have resold your products for several years and been part of the growth of ExchangeDefender. The continual improvement of the product and foresight to add additional functionality allows us to stay ahead of our competition and offer a solid product. One of our clients called and had a manager leave unexpectedly under suspicious circumstances. Using LiveArchive, the owner was able to go through the employees old emails and discover where the employee had been communicating with a competitor and had emailed confidential information to their personal gmail account. Before this incident, the owner never saw email archival as an important part of the system but now she is a firm believer. And we were able to provide this to her as part of the overall ExchangeDefender package at no additional cost. Turned out to be a Win-Win for everyone. We are happy to have ExchangeDefender as one of our strategic partners and look forward to a long prosperious relationship."

-Chuck Walker, Suncoast Business Technologies

"What I appreciate most about the people at ExchangeDefender is their passion about the company and their service. Technology taken down to the lowest common denominators is great when everything works as planned. When you get into situations of dealing with unique customer requirements, problems, reliability, crashes, and errors is when you learn the true cost of dealing with a vendor that has flexibility and passion about their product vs the faceless giants."

-Harold Weiss, Weiss Tech Solutions

"ExchangeDefender services are reliable, cost effective, and the support is faster than the speed of light! Our clients are pleased and the continuity of operations provided during all the natural disasters and service interruptions to their offices have given us all a new appreciation of ExchangeDefender in the cloud."

-Ed Becker, BeckITSystems, Inc

"I have been doing business with ExchangeDefender for a couple of years now and I couldn't be happier with their products or service. We had tried 2 other major spam filtering products and they could not cut the mustard. We decided to go with ExchangeDefender because they were easy to partner with and when we set up our internal account with them, and saw how much spam we were not getting in our email, we knew we had to start offering this to our clients. ExchangeDefender is very simple to setup once you start getting most of your clients on there. We like how this product is branded with our logo and our company messaging. The client knows we stand behind a product that we will put our name on. The daily spam reports with our company name are awesome. Our name shows up in our client's inbox every morning. What more can you ask for marketing. We are very happy with the prompt response we get when we put in a service request. We seem to always work with the same engineers and they are very prompt in getting our issues or questions resolved. Most people complain that there is not a phone number to call, but don't we train our clients to put in tickets most of the time? It really doesn't matter since they respond to your ticket within minutes, or in a reasonable time frame. We also offer their Exchange Hosting to our smaller clients who need corporate email but can't afford an Exchange Server. With their Exchange Hosting offering, you can compete very well, because you get ExchangeDefender included with their Exchange Hosting. I can say I am really pleased to partner with ExchangeDefender as they treat me as a partner and not someone just out there making them money. Well I do that too, but it's nice to know they care about their partners."

-Alex Rodriguez, On Time Technology Solutions

"ExchangeDefender and Hosted Exchange just works. It has allowed me to capture additional revenue from clients while offering a cutting edge solution that is secure and robust. There is no way we could have developed an email solution to compete. Honestly, this is the best email solution on the market, and ExchangeDefender really does support the resellers more than most other vendors we work with. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship."

-Philip Fairley, Sky Technology Group

"As a consultant transitioning from break/fix to MSP I needed a suite of services to offer clients that allowed me to not only maintain my role as the Technology Advisor, but also to offer new Hosted Solutions that I previously maintained at the client site. I am now able to generate hosted revenue at the right price with a top quality offering that better supports the needs of my clients. I love what the ExchangeDefender team is doing and their passion to be the best! Thanks for your partnership and for giving my business a new opportunity for growth and success!"

-Neal Castles, Castles Technology Consulting, LLC

"This is a great service, prompt support and a clean administrative interface. "

-Kevin Mann, Computer Troubleshooters - PWC

"I have been using ExchangeDefender for the past 3 years. During that time I have saved my customers about 60 hours of downtime, and blocked more than 100,000 spam messages. I have not had a single client stop using ExchangeDefender for any reason, their support and ease of use makes it a no brainer for me and my small business clients."

-Evan Fannin, 941 Networks

"We have been hosting exchange for about 6 years now. Our exchange environment has been upgraded to 2010. Recently, we have been putting new customers on ExchangeDefender rather than our hosted infrastructure. We are offering some features that ExchangeDefender is not offering (like voltage encryption, internal archiving, unlimited storage), but the amount of time saved managing the ExchangeDefender exchange environment is so much faster and easier than anything in our hosted environment!"

-Michael Hoag