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Our Take on Online Presence

ExchangeDefender has been a part of the virtual web hosting industry since its very inception. Over the years the product offering has changed but our core values have not and it is important to understand that we are quite different than your usual web hosting company. From globally redundant infrastructure to not overselling, ExchangeDefender Virtual Web Hosting is designed to deliver peak performance with the features that make sense.

Traditional virtual web hosting businesses resell the same server to thousands of customers, with plans consisting of same features but varying amounts of storage and bandwidth. The offerings are generally priced to showcase the value of the most expensive offering and get the customer to sign for the more expensive plan they will likely not use. This leads to overselling and poor performance associated with many web hosting companies.

At ExchangeDefender we do not oversell. We do not have multiple pricing plans. We do not offer different feature sets on different plans. As web designers and developers we know the true lifecycle of a web application. There are startup web sites or proof of concept applications suitable for small business and design demonstrations. When you grow past that you generally do not grow in the space and bandwidth demands alone - you require further Administrative control, dedicated resources, ability to modify server configuration and optimize the application. Beyond that there are dedicated servers, load balancers, content distribution networks and scalable storage. No matter the size nor the configuration, you can trust ExchangeDefender to design and serve your online presence needs.

Now that you are aware of our philosophy, here are the typical features our clients and partners use to power their online presence solutions.


At a glance, here is what the ExchangeDefender Virtual Web Hosting platform includes:

  • Web Platform Choice: Windows or Linux

    Two of the most popular web development technologies under one roof: ExchangeDefender can power your website using Microsoft Windows .NET framework or a Linux (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) server.

  • Email Hosting

    ExchangeDefender Virtual Hosting includes full featured email access with mailboxes accessible via POP3, IMAP and webmail (via SSL). All mail services are protected from dangerous content (SPAM & virus) however for ultimate security and business continuity we recommend ExchangeDefender.

  • Flexible Web Platform

    Each website is different, written in a different framework that is best suited for the functionality you wish to provide. With ExchangeDefender we can power your web site by two of the most powerful frameworks on the market: Microsoft ASP.NET and PHP. Some of the most popular applications are supported including: Joomla, Wordpress, CodeIgniter, phpBB, etc.

  • FTP File Sharing

    Virtual FTP servers enable secure exchange and hosting of files for moving those large files and attachments. Privilege separation allows you to create users that are restricted to their own directories for additional privacy.

  • Full DNS Control

    Our hosting is not limited in the way you get to manage your DNS zones, we offer full access to modify the A, NS, MX, CNAME as well as TXT records to help you publish your SPF records.

  • Self-Management for Admins and Users

    ExchangeDefender features granular service management, allowing you to centrally control all of your clients. Likewise, clients can manage their own domain and allow users to change their own passwords and SPAM settings.

Above and Beyond

ExchangeDefender's Virtual Hosting solution is used by thousands of customers who rely on it for web presence, email, databases and more. Most of our customers have been with us for years, even decades. It is important to understand that as your organization matures, its' needs do as well.

ExchangeDefender has been there for countless organizations that have outgrown the limits of basic web hosting. When you need to move your application to a virtual or dedicated server solution, we can help. Here are typical scenarios in which you can move above & beyond Virtual Hosting:

Virtual Servers

As your web presence grows, you will typically need to deploy additional software or modify the server configuration to enable advanced functionality. Virtual Servers will give you the full flexibility of a dedicated server at fraction of the price. Virtual Servers come with administrative access (root via SSH on Linux, Administrator via RDP on Windows) that allows you to change configuration, install software and manage security policies on top of massively redundant hardware.

For more information about our Virtual Servers click here Virtual Servers.

Dedicated Servers

As organizations grow in the cloud, additional applications that integrate with your websites and web applications start to make sense. ExchangeDefender's Dedicated Servers give you access to enterprise-quality hardware managed by our staff on our world-class network, giving you the peace of mind that you won't have to worry about setting up servers, managing colocation services or all the complexities of warranty & server provisioning. Our dedicated servers are typically used in virtualization scenarios, allowing organizations to spin up multiple servers on the same hardware and use the same dedicated system across the organization. For example, many customers run their websites and email in one virtual system while another is used for remote access to QuickBooks and line of business (LOB) applications.

For more information about our Dedicated Servers click here Dedicated Servers.

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