Cloud Security for Microsoft O365

Secure Office 365 and G-Suite with advanced multi-layered web and email protection

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Protect your Cloud Environment

Cyber-attacks continue to rise, especially with phishing and ransomware. It is crucial for organizations to add a multi-layered defense for their O365 applications. Why? Current studies show that more than 25% of phishing emails bypass Office 365 Security. Considering the average office employee gets 130 emails per day, take 25% and that - leaves you with a shocking 32 phishing emails per day that beat Microsoft’s in-app filtering.

Defend Against Account Takeovers

Prevent account takeovers by safeguarding the identity of your employees, and your clients. Account Takeovers (ATO) is a trending form of online identity theft in which hackers use credentials exposed in third-party breaches to steal intellectual company data, often leading to fraudulent transactions. ExchangeDefender Cloud Security keeps users safe by monitoring real-time API requests each time an unauthorized user attempts to login to your site.

Prevent Data Loss in the Cloud

The biggest complaint from our clients with O365 is that their files go missing. ExchangeDefender protects your organization from data breaches, and archives your email communications for network redundancy to remove the risk of data loss. How? Our smart multi-layered security system overlays on the existing Microsoft infrastructure. ExchangeDefender cloud security protects your employees and your data from both internal and external threats.

Secure your O365 environment with ExchangeDefender

Take advantage of enterprise-grade protection that works to prevent data breaches, malware, phishing attempts, and account takeovers.