ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring


ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring is a free addition to ExchangeDefender that allows service providers and IT managers to remotely monitor, manage, access and support IT resources. ExchangeDefender has protected IT infrastructure for over a decade and with the rising popularity of mobile devices, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and hosted products the ability to remotely access and support PCs has become a complex and expensive task. ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring solves this problem and does so free of licensing costs to our partners.


ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring is an agent-based WMI application that can be rolled out to any .NET capable PC including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, recent Windows Server products with support for both x64 and x86 architectures.

ExchangeDefender Partners can configure as complex and granular monitoring templates as needed and assign them to resources to obtain the level of detail necessary to support the client. Templates are further connected to Alert Templates which automatically create tickets in Shockey Monkey and can even generate email alerts and send text messages depending on severity. Finally, support or admin staff can remotely view or control PCs as necessary.


ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring Templates dictate which Windows Log events need to be monitored. Once the ExchangeDefender agent is installed on a PC it will present the admin with the list of event logs (System, Application, etc) and allow the staff which events will automatically generate support tickets.

Remote Access

ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring includes a Remote View & Access component (VNC) which utilizes our secure proxy service for seamless remote access. Because there is no direct connection between the two PCs, ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring works without making firewall modifications or exceptions, making it a very reliable tool for support of remote workers in unmanaged environments.

ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring can be used to remotely monitor users interaction with the application you are supporting, allows you to create automatic screenshots for auditing purposes and gives you full remote control capability so you can interact with the PC as if you were right in front of it.

Alert Templates

ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring Alert Templates allow you to create complex alert structures once and reuse them as often as needed. Certain monitoring templates can contain urgent alerts that need to be acted on immediately so in addition to opening support tickets they can also send text messages to admin staff.

Business Case

ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring was designed to be free and help our partners earn additional business. It can be deployed in Attended and Unattended mode for greater flexibility.

Attended Mode assumes that the IT Solution Provider has control of the PC and is installing the ExchangeDefender Business Monitoring tool on behalf of the user. The agent will report all the alerts to the clients and IT Solution Providers Shockey Monkey portal, allowing both to manage their IT resources.

Unattended Mode is intended for marketing campaign and third party utilization. ExchangeDefender partners can customize the agent and make it available from their web site, at trade shows or business networking events free of charge to anyone that might need to manage their network. The potential clients will get the ability to receive alerts when issues are encountered and the IT Solution Provider will receive the alerts as well, with the ability to offer help right when they are needed.

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