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ExchangeDefender PRO offers complete email protection against advanced email-borne threats.

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Multithread Virus Protection

ExchangeDefender's advanced email security features protect your mail from viruses, trojans, malware and spyware by:

Providing multithreaded protection using six different commercial antivirus engines

Protecting you from viruses, trojans, malware, spyware and adware

Stopping identity theft by blocking phishing and adding authenticity to your mail messages

Eliminating worthless traffic with phishing links and mailbombs

In effect, ExchangeDefender has the most sophisticated cloud-based protection mixing reputable third party antivirus technology with internal controls that learn from the experience of processing millions of messages every hour.

Commercial Antivirus Engines

ExchangeDefender uses up to six antivirus engines to scan each incoming message and its attachments because no two virus engines are the same. For example, some antivirus engines can detect more than just virus signatures and provide protection from malware, trojans and other online threats. More importantly, not all virus engines use the same virus signatures. Each antivirus engine lab has its own research department, its own honeypot network (list of email addresses and hosts used to collect random mail from the Internet to establish a sample of threats being sent around) and consequently some antivirus engines can detect viruses before others.

Throttled Malware & Trojan Control

Malware & trojan distribution relies on the speed at which it is able to infect remote networks. Over the years, malware, trojans and worms have morphed into an almost indistinguishable rolling threat but their core characteristic has remained the rapid distribution of identical messages. ExchangeDefender has a built in identification system that tracks the message & attachment MD5 checksums and responds by temporarily delaying messages that match the bulk-mail criteria. Additionally, the system is always monitored for unusual activity as it is very unusual to process millions of messages with the same attachment name, size and checksum across the Internet.

Malware Attachment Filtering & Sanitation

The days of text-only SPAM are long gone. Today SPAM is distributed as a PDF, zip file, image, even an audio file! At the same time, we use our email as more of a file sharing mechanism than a communications platform. Consequently, it is very important to understand the attachment type and what type of a threat it poses. ExchangeDefender analyzes attachments on multiple layers, using checks for file names, file types, MIME headers and archives to properly protect you from all dangerous content.

Attachment Policy Management

ExchangeDefender allows you to customize the types of attachments you wish to allow or block from being delivered to your servers. Attachment Policy Manager is available under the Administrative login giving you further control over your security.

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