Web File Sharing

Secure and policy-controlled web file storage with the ability
to control encryption and content expiration.

Easy-to-Use File Sharing

ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing was designed to provide easy-to-use file sharing that also embraced corporate needs to access control, encryption and content expiration. As the information we exchange with our peers and clients grows in size and includes rich content like video and music, the complexity and bandwidth demands of traditional file sharing protocols is starting to limit our ability to share content easily and securely. ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing enables you to do just that and provides scalability and flexibility without additional licensing fees.


Secure and policy-controlled web file storage and sharing portal

128-bit SSL security and optional password protected file storage

Full audit reporting of all activity and extension policy blocking

Regulatory compliance featuring automatic content expiration and access notification

What does it look like?

How Does it Work?

Easy to Set-up and Use

Create a Library

Create a library at https://webshare.exchangedefender.com so that you can begin to share files through the libraries that you have.

Upload Files

Upload your files with your desired notification and tracking preferences. You can also set file type restrictions and expirations.

File Share

You are now able to file share, create libraries, and view files.

Distribute Large Document Libraries

ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing uses the concept of a "document library" to collect documents that users wish to share and make available over the web. Instead of emailing the content or uploading to the FTP site that is difficult to access, ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing delivers an easy-to-use web application where users can upload documents through their web browser and simply send a web link to the eventual recipients.

Manage Security & Content

Each user of ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing has their own login credentials through which they can upload the files and send the links to the appropriate recipients. There are several security measures in place, starting with the encryption of all access to the Web File Sharing through https:// only, a 128bit SSL encryption used by banks, IRS and payroll companies. Users can further password protect the document libraries and make sure that only intended recipients with the correct email and password combination can access documents. To help with corporate compliance requirements, ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing can also enforce an expiration interval on the file and delete it from the system when it reaches a particular age.

While ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing offers built in encryption and security controls for individual users, it also delivers a sophisticated security and audit controls for the administrators and business owners. Administrators can define which attachments and file types are blocked from the site, making sure certain type of content is never shared outside of the company (for example you can block QuickBooks files or .zip files that may contain confidential information). Every access to the ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing is logged and backed with a notification mechanism that notifies you when files are downloaded or uploaded. At any time business owner can look at the files being shared, which files have been downloaded and from where.

External Client Access

New in ExchangeDefender 7, your client's can have their customers drop off large files for sharing directly to your client's Web File Sharing portal. And the best part is that these files are also subject to your preset access controls and tracking/viewing information. And they can do this without having to register/sign up for anything.

Easy to Use

ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing was designed to provide a seamless way for users to upload files and for their recipients to download them in a safe and secure way. ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing is a web-based application that can be accessed from Windows, Mac, Linux and every platform with a web browser and Javascript. The interface features clear labels, no complex navigation or training to access. Because it is designed to run within a web browser, no complex network policies or firewall port management is required: if you can browse the web you can distribute files.


ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing provides security protocols that comply with SOX, HIPAA and SEC requirements. Administrators have access to restrict attachment and file types, users have the capacity to enforce item expiration and password requirements and all communication to the site is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL certificate, the same technology behind online banks, IRS and payroll services.