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Say Goodbye to “Forgot Password”

Password Vault makes generating, storing, and sharing passwords easy and safe. A password manager eliminates password fatigue, and removes the need to memorize multiple passwords. 50% of office employees find it difficult to manage their passwords and often click that “forgot password” button in order re-gain access to their corporate accounts.

Securely Share Passwords with Team Members

An online password manager enables organizations to share credentials internally to authorized users. Recent studies showed that 73% of employees have the same password for multiple sites which drastically improves the likelihood of a cyber-attack. A password management solution offers the ability to securely share logins and passwords without having to use email.

Enjoy Central Access with One Site and One Password

Password Vault offers central access to store and organize all of your secured identities in an ultra-secure web interface. Password managers allow businesses to use a different password for each site that you have stored, the only password that has to be remembered is the “Master Key” which accessible only by your organization.

Easily manage your business-critical passwords securely with Password Vault.

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