Password Management and Security

Securely store and manage company passwords with a centralized management system.

Store and organize all of your secured identities in an ultra-secure web interface.

Passwords are encrypted with AES-256 algorithm, U.S government approved.

Meets security audits and regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI.

Benefits of ExchangeDefender's Password Vault

Password Vault is extremely secure and reliable with AES-256 bit encryption, and has an up-time guarantee of 99.999%.Our password management solution helps organizations securely manage logins and passwords. Password Vault makes generating, storing, and sharing passwords easy and safe.

Eliminates the need to memorize multiple passwords by deploying a password manager for secure storage.

The password management dashboard is available anytime, anywhere with a WIFI-enabled device.

The password vault features a password expiration policy to remind users to reset or update their passwords on important sites.

Control access to admin passwords, securely share passwords with your team on a need-basis.

Password Vault is managed by ExchangeDefender, a cyber security firm with 20 years of active IT experience.

Setup your Password Vault in minutes.

Protect critical company data with military-grade security for just $2 per month*.

Why use a password management software?

Small businesses are the target of most cyber-attacks. An estimated 60 percent of all confirmed data breaches occurred due to weak, stolen, or default passwords.

According to recent TechRadar reports, 90% of data breaches are caused by human error.

SMB struggle to manage password vulnerabilities meanwhile password reuse, and password sharing is on the rise.

Most SMBs do not offer their employees password management training for the workplace.

For SMBs, password security remains a top concern:

Over 80% of cyber-attacks are due to stolen or weak passwords.

Of users have the same password for multiple websites.

Of office employees find it difficult to manage their passwords.

One in seven employees would sell their password to a 3rd party for as little as $150.