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Enable secure communication of sensitive information

ExchangeDefender PRO
ExchangeDefender PRO
Email Security

$7.95 /user/mo

Protects your organization's email communications from advanced email-borne attacks.

Anti-SPAM Protection
Virus Protection
Malware Protection
Ransomware Protection
Phishing Protection
Spoofing Protection
Domain Fraud Prevention
On-demand Encryption
Automatic signature disclaimers
Two factor authentication
Whitelist/Blacklist Policies
Real-time Reporting
Web Interface controls
NOC Service Alerts
Compliance Archive + Corporate Encryption
Email Compliance
Email Compliance

$12.95 /user/mo

Instantly achieve email compliance with unlimited email archiving and Corporate Encryption

Outlook integration
Unlimited email archiving
HIPAA / GDPR IRS compliant
Speed eDiscovery search
Exchange Journaling Technology
Compliance Officer controls
Secure Web Interface
Full Audit logs & Reporting
Corporate Encryption
Manage contacts and groups
Password protect messages
Auto Destroy messages
Read notifications
Encryption portal activity reporting
No install or downloads
NOC Service Alerts
Enterprise Suite
Enterprise Suite

$29.95 /user/mo

Achieve email resiliency and IT confidence with our all-inclusive email security, compliance, and secure document sharing suite.

Enterprise suite includes:

ExchangeDefender PRO
Compliance Archive
Corporate Encryption
Live Archive
Web File Sharing
Password Vault
Priority Support

A la carte solutions

If a service bundle is not what you're looking for, no worries. You can purchase some of our most popular services individually, and enjoy our full U.S based support.

Corporate Encryption

Secure emails and attachments with on-demand encryption for Enterprise.

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per user/mo

Hosted Exchange 2016

Work securely with business-class email and calendaring.

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per user/mo

Web File Server

Secure cloud-based document sharing and storage for business.

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per user/mo

Live Archive

An email disaster recovery service, it also provides email outage protection.

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per user/mo

Compliance Archiving

Secure, long-term cloud storage, and eDiscovery system that assures compliance with regulatory requirements IRS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, CCPA and SEC.

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per user/mo

ExchangeDefender Service Plan Benefits

We want to make sure you get exactly what your organization needs, learn more about how our service plans can benefit you.

Email Security
  • Stops email-borne threats like virus, malware, ransomware and more

  • Compatible with all major emails providers (Outlook, G-suite and more)

  • Prevents accidental or malicious data loss

  • Keeps users safe from Phishing attacks

  • Protects against account takeovers

  • Achieves compliance for security

  • Provides enterprise-grade SPAM filtering

Email Compliance
  • Exceeds regulatory compliance requirements by IRS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, CCPA and SEC

  • Unlimited email archiving storage

  • Long term secure archiving

  • Automatically copies every message that enters your system - incoming, outgoing and inter-office

  • Increases work productivity with eDiscovery

  • Compliance Manager controls

  • Compatible with all major emails providers (Outlook, G-suite and more)

  • Provides advanced real-time reporting with central web interface

Enterprise Suite - Complete Email Resiliency
  • Achieve email resiliency and business continuity

  • Full service implementation

  • No downloads or installs - all cloud based solutions

  • Proactively managed by IT experts with 22+ years of experience

  • Comply and exceed regulatory compliance requirements

  • Advanced email and web protection for all users

  • Defense against account takeovers and phishing attempts

  • Sensitive data protection with corporate encryption

  • Secure document sharing with Web File Server

  • Password Management solution with Password Vault

  • Email outage protection with Live Archive

  • Advanced real-time reporting

  • Priority support with user support portal

  • NOC Alert site - always be in-the-know of service health

  • Secure web interface to control all services and access to all applications

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