ExchangeDefender TXT Forwarding

Our mobile devices have become an industry standard for verifying your identity online. Logging into your bank account? Forgot your password on your favorite shopping site? Signing up for a new service? Everyone wants to text you to enroll you because it’s simple and convenient – and everyone has a cell phone.

TXT Forwarding from ExchangeDefender enables you to share a number – with your team, your family, your entire department – so when all these sites and services need to send you something to your phone to confirm your identity, you don’t have to think about whose phone was used to enroll to the service.

How do I get started?

You can sign up for it in our portal at

Just pick a number and add the phone numbers of people you want to get a copy of the message. That’s it.

It’s just $5/month for the number and you can have it forwarded to 5 cell phones.

What’s next for this product

We’ve been deploying this technology widely throughout ExchangeDefender and in 2021 we look forward to further bridging the retail customer users with corporate backends. We’ll be integrating our texting service with email, Slack, and Teams.

This feature was born out of necessity and compliance. When Covid-19 pandemic sent us all home, working with some client networks and applications required 2FA/OTP notifications sent to cell phones of the person that originally setup the service. Setting up a dedicated number or sharing a cell phone and installing apps to forward messages around is a lot to manage, not to mention more expensive.

We believe connecting mobile devices and diverse backends (email, Slack, Teams) is vital for scenarios where SMS notifications are required and multiple people on the team might need access to it. Setting up gateways from SMS to these various points where you need information forwarded to is what’s made our ExchangeDefender Encryption such a success in 2020.