ExchangeDefender SSP

I need to deliver mail to ExchangeDefender but my DNS is broken or my mail server doesn’t have a valid PTR record

ExchangeDefender SSP enables you to request access to our clients if your DNS is broken (missing PTR DNS record) without involving IT staff, support tickets, phone calls, or waiting. We just need to know who you are.

ExchangeDefender (and just about all major email providers) require that mail servers have properly configured DNS. Your mail server must have a valid forward DNS (A record) and a matching reverse DNS (PTR record) that anyone can identify and verify as a legitimate sender of email for a given domain. Connections from mail servers that don’t have a valid DNS are rejected by ExchangeDefender, but if you do not have the ability to properly configure your network we may be able to make a limited security exception.

This hostname must resolve to the IP address you are requesting access for.