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Support Portal

All ExchangeDefender services come equipped with access to our support portal. Inside the portal, you'll find our updated knowledgebase, NOC (service health), and ticket management. We want to make sure that you have 24/7 access to the technical information you are searching for, view library.

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Our Service level options

All businesses are different, which is why we offer our clients multiple service offerings to meet your specific support needs. Our Gold members receive self-service, ticket management, and phone support for critical issues. Platinum members receive concierge 24/7 support with proactive monitoring, and account oversight. See our Support Offerings At A Glance below for more details.

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Support Offerings At A Glance

Features Self Service Gold Platinum
Support Portal: Knowledgebase, ticket reporting and management
Phone Support: Live access to a Technical Support Engineer
Critical issue (during business hours only)
Critical issue (24x7x365)
Non-Critical issue (during business hours only)
Non-Critical issue (24x7x365)
Email Access: Direct access to Engineers

Technical Account Manager: account and support oversight, security expertise, and proactive monitoring

Support Methods
Automated Reprovision Service (delete and recreate)
Remote Testing (We will test it on our side, verify if it works)
Remote Diagnosis (We will test and give a recommendation or fix)
Deployment Assistance
Deployment Documentation
DNS Assistance
Remote Engineer Assistance
Scheduled Deployment
DNS Record Monitor (MX, SPK, DKIM, DMARC)
DMARC Reports
Identity Spoof Reports
Recipient notifications on blocked trusted senders
Service Advisor
Deployment Planning and Design

Looking for end user support?

Visit our documentation to explore detailed how-to's and best practices.