Why ExchangeDefender?

Our Mission – help organizations communicate safely and securely.

Our mission at ExchangeDefender is to help organizations communicate safely, securely and get their work done on the Internet through help of the most skilled and caring team we can build.

We are constantly training, learning, improving and building the most sophisticated and most powerful solutions to the challenges of securing, managing, and protecting your data. That is the sole mission of everyone at ExchangeDefender and everyone from top to bottom gets it.

To explain Why Us, I have to do it in the context of how I see the company that I have been building for over two decades. While our service is professional, our mission is personal and I can assure you everyone shares it. Please allow me to tell you a few stories.


We ask ourselves: How can we do what we do better?

ExchangeDefender, to the people that make it up, is much more than a job. It’s a passion for security. It’s a fascination with service that enables business globally. Unlike major corporations where many people are there for the prestigious brand and a line on the resume, team at ExchangeDefender is not looking at the next job: every day is a challenge to make everything better because that is how we survive. As a private business, we are only as good as the service we provide: There are no government subsidies, no public debt markets, no M&A tricks and no quarterly goal. Every day we walk in we only have to ask: How do we do what we do better?

This is more than self-motivational speech: it’s our core value. In over two decades I have worked side by side with best friends, family – and some of my best friends are my clients. I personally would never be able to look any of them in the eye if I were not to take my job seriously. The same attitude is shared by our entire team: We help our partners build businesses, we enable organizations around the world to do phenomenal things and have seen our clients go through lawsuits, .com crashes, economy booms & busts, market & vertical collapses – working in their best interest becomes personal. We succeed when our clients succeed. We have shared a long journey with our clients just as we have with one another, seeing employees through growing up, getting married, starting families – the accountability to keeping their data and livelihood safe is something we take seriously.


We’re obsessed about doing IT right.

No successful organization thrives and survives for decades without an obsession with process and the way things are done. In the 90s, when I started Own Web Now, the entire web hosting business ran off a single Gateway 2000 tower. I waited for 3 months to get it because Intel didn’t quite anticipate the production issues when they switched from 486 to Pentium. Everything I had went into this system and I worked tirelessly to keep it moving but I was focused on growth and fun and didn’t spend much time tending to backup tapes. One day the server went down for a reboot and didn’t come back. I put it on the bench, powered it on and started the file system repair process that required me to press Y every time a block had to be moved on the hard drive. I spent the better part of that afternoon pressing Y repeatedly, getting more and more depressed with every stroke. All of my pictures were on this system. All of my clients. My entire personal and professional life suddenly depended on the salvageable outcome of a computer with a screwdriver jammed to keep the Y button down. Everything I ever worked could be gone in a flash and all I could do is sit there, watch the screen scroll deep into the night thinking about all the memories I had lost and all the people I would have disappointed.

Luckily, all I lost were some logs. What I gained is a life-long pursuit to keep data safe.

I have not taken data, storage, backups, redundancy, and replication for granted ever since. There is not a single employee at ExchangeDefender who doesn’t share this value. We know that we aren’t just in charge of “some files” – we are responsible for the livelihood, memories, hopes, and goals our clients trust us to help them with. We’re not worried about doing it cheaper – we are obsessed about doing IT right. Ever since my second employee, we’ve had a way of doing things that has been written down, evaluated, implemented, occasionally proven wrong, and improved every single day. It’s our life’s work.


To accomplish great things, and empower our clients to do the same.

Our purpose is to be the best security and communications company in the universe. I want you to be able to sleep at night because we aren’t sleeping in order to keep you safe. I want you to rest assured we aren’t taking shortcuts, quick fixes or thinking about anything other than the safety of your data.

If I believed in it any less sincerely, any less passionately, or with any less focus I assure you that the steady procession of M&A bankers, competitive threats, hardware crashes, people problems, lawsuits and relentless attacks from hackers would have sent me elsewhere many, many years ago.

The same goes for the entire team that brings ExchangeDefender to life every second of the day. Everyone looking to work with us is asked about what they think they will be doing here – if they can only rattle off a list of tasks they aren’t invited back because they aren’t seeing the big picture. Our purpose isn’t solely to fit into a bullet point on a spec sheet, the reason we work so hard is because we understand our purpose as a medium through which our clients accomplish their mission. In a way, we become a part of their mission and that makes our responsibility to the society even greater. In a society in which people know the cost of everything and value of nothing, I make it my personal goal to constantly remind my team that our contribution to society isn’t limited to just what we accomplish but also what we help our clients accomplish. The sense of responsibility we share for doing the right thing, even when it causes us and our partners more work, is the big picture concern.

Our Guarantee

We’re to here to help you, always.

... and my life's work, is to have built and delivered a communications platform with a that manages and secures your data as if it were their own. I guarantee you the service that you would be proud to build and design if you were building it for yourself. As if your name was going to be on it.

And to answer your question: Why us? Because I, and my whole team, are here for you. You can visit us, you can meet us, you can even walk into our data centers and touch the physical hard drive that your data is stored. Technology world these days is obsessed with abstraction, storing data in truck containers, cutting corners to fractions of a penny and AI – but there isn’t a person alive who when faced with an issue didn’t want to have another person help them. In a society where people use technology to avoid paying people, have you ever gotten a phone interactive menu to help you out or do you hit 0 to speak to a human operator?

That’s us. Humans. We are a people business that specializes in technology. Our people, our process and our purpose is to use technology to help people realize their ambitions and dreams.


Vlad Mazek


Melodie Duperval

- Marketing Manager

Joel Martinez

- Lead Developer

Daniel Lengert

- Head of Implementation

Nelson Bertrand

- Support Engineer

Tim Saunders

- Support Analyst

Brittany Moore

- Client Relations

Lindsay Sawyer

- Business Development Manager

Thank you for choosing ExchangeDefender!