Deployment and Management

Simple to Setup and Manage

ExchangeDefender helps you keep tight control over your users or delegate authority:

  • Import the Microsoft Exchange user list and automatically provision multiple accounts
  • Easily add new users and manage them through the secure web interface
  • Users can self-police their accounts (email addresses, whitelists, etc) via web
  • Full real-time access to all the users and their settings
  • Full administrative, user and SPAM Czar access to all quarantined mail in real-time

ExchangeDefender is easy to use, easy to configure and easy to manage. These core design principles make it one of the easiest services to rely on and makes you more productive and profitable.

Works with Every SMTP Mail Server & Appliance

ExchangeDefender is a cloud-based message hygiene and business continuity network. You simply tell your inbound mail (MX record) and outbound mail (smarthost) to go through us, and we make sure nothing dangerous comes entering or leaving your network. ExchangeDefender functions as an SMTP proxy and is compatible with all mail servers. In addition, it works with all the appliances and server-based antivirus & antispam solutions on the market today.

Deployment is quick and simple. Just change your MX records, program in the valid recipients (valid email addresses on your network) and you're all set. You can do this in the middle of the day because mail flow will not be interrupted while the DNS propagation takes place.

Enterprise Sync of Users and Addresses

Maintaining separate databases of users between cloud services such as ExchangeDefender and your own internal servers can take up a lot of time. ExchangeDefender features ExchangeDefender XDSYNC tool that keeps your Active Directory in sync with ExchangeDefender - every time accounts are added, deleted or modified the ExchangeDefender is updated too, automatically.

Quick and Convenient User Configuration & Management

Initial setup of ExchangeDefender recipients is a breeze. If you are running Microsoft Exchange, we provide an SMTP dump script that exports all the valid email addresses on your network and is seamlessly imported into ExchangeDefender. If you are running other mail systems, adding the users to the system is quick and easy - or you can let the users join on their own. The important thing is that we never bounce messages and the security is server-wide so, even if the user is not in the system, they are still protected from the dangerous content.

Ongoing maintenance is not a problem either. Just add the users when they join the company and they can configure the rest of the system to their liking. By default, they inherit the same settings as the domain has but can now control their whitelists, blacklists, false positives and other features without contacting the helpdesk or the mail server administrators.

User Convenience & Productivity with Client Software

ExchangeDefender is the only platform that offers rich integration with the applications and platforms you are already used to. If you have loyal Outlook users, Outlook 2007 Addin gives them full access to SPAM quarantines, whitelists, statistics and more without leaving Outlook. For users in travel, finance or sales professions that require near-real-time access to SPAM we offer ExchangeDefender Desktop tool that alerts users about waiting SPAM every single hour.

Seamless Control of Accounts, Domains & Users

Every feature of ExchangeDefender is configurable through our secure administrative control panels. All changes are applied quickly (30 minutes at most) to all our nodes, and most configuration settings and management tasks are done in real-time. You are always in control of ExchangeDefender!