Offsite Backups

Enterprise-Class Data Protection

ExchangeDefender has designed an enterprise-class Offsite Backup infrastructure based on the award-winning AhSay backup and replication platform. With Dell and EMC storage network spanning two continents, ExchangeDefender Offsite Backups deliver the security and reliability of enterprise design featuring triple offsite redundancy without the sacrifice of local storage. Best of all, the multi-platform Offsite Backups are all inclusive and provided at an affordable rate competitive with what you'd expect to pay for backup software alone.


  • Global Redundancy - Offsite Backups are currently available on two redundant grids in United States and Europe. United States replication grid consists of high density storage servers in Dallas, TX with replication partners in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. European replication grid includes London, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands. By uploading your clients' critical data to ExchangeDefender you are not just shifting a single point of failure, you are introducing a geographically redundant storage network to secure your clients most critical data.
  • Continuous Data Protection - Offsite Backup product features continuous data protection allowing you to upload snapshots of file changes as soon as they are made. This way you can always help your clients recover any changes made during the workday. ExchangeDefender does not enforce ratios of offsite to onsite backups so you can use any storage appliance of your choice to store data locally as well as offsite.
  • Built-In Retention Policies - Offsite Backup product is very useful for compliance and business retention policies by allowing you to design backup sets with specific retention intervals spanning years if necessary (for financial documents). Retention policies can be combined with Continuous Data Protection to store changes locally and provide a more cost-effective and comprehensive data retention solution.
  • Seeding & Bandwidth Throttling Option - For small remote sites with slow Internet connectivity uploading large backup sets at full speed is frequently not an option. For larger companies, backing up hundreds of GB over the Internet can take a long time. Our Offsite Backup solution can help with both. Each backup agent can have its bandwidth throttled to a set rate so that the Internet connection is not fully consumed with Offsite Backup activity. For larger backup sets we do offer seeding services which involve mailing clients data to one of ExchangeDefender data centers for manual upload. This allows you to get the initial backup done quickly and only use your bandwidth for changed files.
  • All-Inclusive Agents - Offsite Backup solution includes agents for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32bit and 64bit), Windows Server (32bit or 64bit), Apple Mac OS X 10.4+, Linux, Solaris and Novell. Backup agents also natively backup Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and Volume Shadow Copy snapshots. All of these are included in the monthly cost, with an optional addon to include Exchange brick-level backups (individual mail items).
  • Reporting, Access and Reliability - Offsite includes extensive reporting functionality, giving you true insight into what is being backed up. Offsite Backups can be accessed at any time and restored over the Internet just by downloading and installing the agent. In case of a catastrophic event at ExchangeDefender, your data is stored in multiple data centers. Security is simplest of all - your data is encrypted using a 256bit RSA key on the client server or workstation and is transmitted via SSL to ExchangeDefender.

Offsite Backups

To correctly setup and use Offsite Backups please refer to this Training Guide.
Offsite Backups Guide