Built for modern workplace sharing and file storage

Web File Server is a professional file sharing software that offers secure sharing, and management of business and client information.

A central location to securely sync, store, and share files

Our software offers a friendly user experience, and requires no real training.

Quickly create libraries for easy document sharing and collaboration

Users can create as many file libraries as they wish there is no limit. You can also add as many recipients and groups as needed.

Control access to files and libraries with user permissions

WFS gives you detailed access, security, and activity logs. This way you can instantly know who did what and from where.

Web file sharing makes it easy for teams to share documents
without having to rely on email, or old file servers.


Real-time, seamless collaboration

Email can be isolating, time-consuming, and result in the duplication of efforts. A professional document management system provides organizations a central, secure space the manage and share files in real time.


Protects your critical data

Our online file sharing service is secured through 256-bit encryption, the same used as the U.S. Government. We help our clients comply with data protocols by offering advanced security features like: real time monitoring for unusual activity, strict user access controls, and two-factor authentication to keep your file sharing safe.


Give your clients access

Give your clients access to your file sharing portal. Keep business moving by giving clients the ability to drop off large files needed to complete a transaction. Fret not, the files uploaded by your clients are also subject to your preset access controls and tracking/viewing information. And they can do this without having to register or sign up for anything.

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