Email backup & long term archiving

Email Backup & Long Term Archiving

Secure. Control. Archive: ExchangeDefender LiveArchive
- Your Email Guardian!

ExchangeDefender LiveArchive offers secure backup, long-term archiving, and eDiscovery services for Office 365, Gmail, and cloud mail. Access your backup mailbox securely in the cloud via webmail, a service you own and control indefinitely.
Protect your Business
Webmail for Users

Access Backups That Mirror Your Inbox In Real-Time

Your business can seamlessly access email backups through a secure webmail interface. Inspired by Gmail and Office 365, toggle the interface to match your familiar inbox. Plus, enjoy the ease of dark mode.

Self-Service and Discovery

Unleash Powerful Search and eDiscovery

Empower your team to retrieve emails effortlessly. Craft search filters to pinpoint messages by time, sender, or subject. Browse messages in a user-friendly M365/Gmail-inspired interface, with options to print or restore.

Setup and Configuration

Roll out in less than an hour

Configure and manage everything through ExchangeDefender LiveArchive web service. Simply designate backup storage locations and direct your mail journal to LiveArchive. Extensively documented for hassle-free setup.

Technical Details

Technical requirements for LiveArchive stack
  • ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is a modern web service designed to stand the test of time and deliver long term email archiving. We've built the solution on top of industry standards, open source software, and a long list of supported cloud service providers that can host it all. ExchangeDefender LiveArchive requires:

    • Mailbox hosted on Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft M365/Office 365, Google Gmail, etc (other platforms that support journaling are also supported)
    • Email storage: S3 backend (Amazon AWS or selfhosted MinIO
    • Metadata storage: MariaDB / MySQL (Amazon RDS or MariaDB/MySQL database)
    • Webmail: Docker container (Amazon Lightsail, DigitalOcean droplet, Linode, or docker-friendly NAS from Synology / QNAP)

    ExchangeDefender LiveArchive can run on your own infrastructure (PC or colocated servers), virtual private servers, and public cloud providers (Amazon, Azure, Digital Ocean, Linode, etc). Many of these services are also offered as a free or promotional tier so check with your cloud provider or contact us for advice.

How do I deploy & configure LiveArchive
How do I decide if I should put LiveArchive in a public or private cloud?
  • ExchangeDefender LiveArchive is compatible with both public and private cloud options so your choice will depend on your security requirements, budget, and regulatory requirements for email storage. The experience and functionality will be exactly the same regardless of the backend.

    For ease of use and simplicity, we recommend using Amazon S3 and RDS web services for LiveArchive data storage and Amazon Lightsail for LiveArchive Webmail UI.

    For low cost, we recommend using your local NAS/Docker engine and Oracle Cloud Free Tier for LiveArchive Webmail UI.

    For security obsessed, we recommend a local Proxmox deployment with minimal containers and automatic updates.

    For most flexibility, we recommend Docker containers on your choice of backend infrastructure. You can access LiveArchive open source here.

    If you would like to discuss your deployment with our sales and cloud engineering staff please open a ticket at and we can help design and build a backup solution that fits your needs.


We can't say enough good things about LiveArchive! As a tech-oriented business, email data is our lifeblood, and losing it could be disastrous. Since we started using LiveArchive for our email backup, our worries about data loss have vanished. The service is incredibly reliable, and the quick recovery feature has saved us on more than one occasion. Highly recommended for businesses looking for peace of mind.

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LiveArchive has been a game-changer for our marketing agency. We handle a massive volume of emails daily, and data loss was always a lurking fear. With LiveArchive, our emails are protected like never before. The ease of use and the peace of mind it provides are priceless. Plus, their customer support is top-notch. We can't imagine running our business without it!

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