Tamper-Proof Email Archiving & eDiscovery

Keep business emails secure and compliant with tamper-proof
email archiving.

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Preserve every single email within your company

Protect company emails with unlimited tamper proof archiving, search and find any email stored quickly with eDiscovery.

Cloud-Based Email Archiving

Keep business emails securely stored in the cloud with long-term email archiving. Microsoft Exchange Journaling technology automatically copies every message that enters your system - incoming, outgoing and inter-office.

Meet recordkeeping requirements

Know where every email is located, and access them at any time. Our archiving solution provides secure, long-term cloud storage, and eDiscovery system that assures compliance with regulatory requirements established by IRS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, CCPA and SEC.

Unlimited, tamper-proof storage

Save money on email storage with our unlimited cloud storage feature. ExchangeDefender offers unlimited storage for your messages in the cloud which reduces the need for more storage, and also reduces the risk of data loss.

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Achieve Email Compliance

ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive assures you that none of your messages have been tampered with, deleted or modified. Exchange Journaling technology automatically copies every message that enters your system - incoming, outgoing and internal - to ExchangeDefender Email Archive giving you full confidence that all of your mail is indexed and searchable from a single secure website.

Save up to 60% Email Storage Space

In today’s workplace, we use our mailboxes as filing cabinets that contains tons of business information, ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive provides a fast and secure environment in the cloud to store, process, and index your entire mailbox and keep it accessible for years.

Centralize Control Tools for Admins

Our online dashboard offers compliance managers the ability to create advanced supervision workflow, review queues, roles reporting, escalation, customizable policies, and more to exceed compliance obligations.

Achieve email compliance
Safeguard company emails
Includes 10 years of storage
Regulatory Compliance Archiving

Safeguard your company’s communications, get Email Archiving today!

Achieve compliance with tamper-proof email archiving and encryption for just $10 per month*.