Share company files securely online

Your company data is priceless. Store files and share documents securely online with anyone using Web File Server.

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Benefits you'll love:

  • User-friendly, start in minutes
  • Unlimited file uploads, unlimited everything!
  • Real-time collaboration experience
  • Affordable, honest pricing for any business

Unlimited file sharing and storage built securely for the modern workplace


Store files securely in the cloud

Don't rely on email, store your data inside a secure platform. Upload as many files as you want with unlimited storage.


Collaborate in real-time with your clients and coworkers

Create libraries to keep documents organized, add unlimited contacts and one-time recipients.


Prevent accident data leaks with password-protect

Keep sensitive information secure with password protection, and auto-destruct.

Web File Server is designed to help your company achieve the ability to:

Share files securely


Upload, manage, and share files securely

Prevent accidental data leaks

Prevent data leaks of business/client information

Store files all in one place


Keep all your documents in one central dashboard

Control information sharing

Manage how business documents are shared

Web File Server Dashboard
Manage your libraries
Upload and share documents with ease

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
  • For immediate assistance, please click the 'chat' button to talk with an ExchangeDefender team member! You can also click the 'book a demo' button to get a free trial access.

What is Web File Server?
  • ExchangeDefender Web File Server is a professional file sharing software that features secure file sharing, and collaboration for business and client information.

Can I use with Outlook or Gmail?
  • Web File Server does not use your email to work! It works independently, simply login and start uploading and sharing any files you want!
    I want to sign up for multiple users, and/or my entire domain.
    Great! It's only $6 per user, per month. Signing up is easy, simply contact us and we'll get you started.


ExchangeDefender Web File Server is a super affordable option for our business. We have 7 employees. It's hard to find quality solutions that are not super pricey or tied to Microsoft. Web File Server offers are the features we need when it comes to sharing files inside and outside of the company with our clients. Worth it!

Janine Dupree | Loud Red Nails


We use ExchangeDefender for their email security suite, and recently started gave their secure file sharing service a try. We are a local real estate company and we use WFS to share contracts back and forth between the team (some work from home) and clients who are buying and selling. Web File Server is super easy use!

Eva Manning | Orange Avenue Homes

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