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ExchangeDefender Web File Server is a professional file sharing software that offers secure sharing, and management of information.

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Easily share documents without having to rely on email, or old file servers.


Built for modern workplace sharing and file storage

Access any file, and share it securely from your favorite device with Web File Server. Enjoy a user-friendly dashboard where you can upload, manage, and track every action.

Web File Server Overview

User friendly console

Our software offers a friendly user experience, and requires no real training.

Unlimited file uploads

You can upload as many files as you want. There is no daily limit, and storage is unlimited.

Unlimited recipients and groups

You can save your frequent recipients in groups and as you add a new user to a group they are added to all the document libraries that are available to that group.

Create unlimited file libraries

Users can create as many file libraries as they wish there is no limit. You can also add as many recipients and groups as needed.

Large file uploads

Our software allows files up to 250 mb in size to be uploaded at one time.

File versioning

Every user is equipped with 100 gigabytes of storage included. For reference, just 1 gigabyte can store about 10,000 documents.

Give access to clients

Empower seamless collaboration with clients by enabling them to view and upload documents.

Control of user access

WFS gives you detailed access, security, and activity logs. This way you can instantly know who did what and from where.

Set permissions levels

You can control access by creating restrictions as to what a user can and cannot do, like the ability to download or delete files

Password protect & expiration

You can password protect a library, set automatic expiration, and get email notifications when new files are added by your coworkers or downloaded by your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
  • To get started, simply subscribe to the service by clicking here, or by visiting the pricing page.

What is ExchangeDefender?
  • ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption is a cyber security company founded in 1997, and is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. We specialize in email security, archiving, and business continuity solutions for small business.

Can I use this with Office 365 or Gmail?
  • Yes, of course! ExchangeDefender Corporate Encryption is cloud-based, and works seamlessly with all major email providers including Office 365 and Gmail.

I want to sign up for multiple users, and/or my entire domain.
  • To sign up multiple users, simply visit our pricing page, choose the Encryption service to subscribe to, then enter the number of users you’d like to have the service.

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