ExchangeDefender Email Archiving

Long-term email archiving and storage for regulatory compliance.

Keep business emails securely stored, with tamper-proof email archiving.

ExchangeDefender Email Archiving provides encrypted, long-term storage, and email recovery.

10 Year Hold

Long-term, tamper-proof archiving for up to 10 years of regulatory compliance.

Unlimited Storage

Enjoy unlimited archiving storage with data protection.

Speed eDiscovery

Fast discovery of information, and access management.

ExchangeDefender Email Archiving includes:

Regulatory Email Compliance

Helps fulfill requirements of HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, PCI, CCPA and other regulations.

Long term Archiving

Messages accessible for years, we archive your mail for up to 10 years assuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Exchange Journaling Technology

Ensure full archiving of inbound, outbound, and interoffice mail.

Fast eDiscovery

Easily sort and search through thousands of emails with our fast one-click search tool.

24/7 Expert Support

Certified technicians are available for support 24/7 via phone and support portal.

Layered Redundancy

Ensures secure email storage across multiple networks.


Your business data is encrypted both in-transit, and at-rest.

Compliance Officer

Receive access to audit reports, it also provides administrative search and discovery for the entire organization.

ExchangeDefender clients receive access via their own client portal.

The Current SMB Challenge

Email is the most used messaging platform for business with over 280 billion emails being sent per day, worldwide.

This staggering number of emails make it difficult for organizations to keep track of all communications, as well as quickly locating critical information that is vital to keeping operations running smoothly. Businesses often find it difficult to send or receive new emails due to the large volume of messages forcing their mail server to slow down, which ultimately causes disruption in workforce productivity. In addition, new compliance regulations for HIPAA, GDPR, PCI and others mean long term email archiving is no longer a luxury, but a requirement for email compliance.

Our Solution: Long-Term Email Archiving

ExchangeDefender’s compliance archiving helps organizations achieve email compliance regulated by U.S. and International laws.

Our Compliance Archive solution offers tamper-proof, unlimited storage for up to 10 years. The archiving system takes all of your organizations emails and stores them securely on multiple servers around the world for redundancy. Long-term archiving also protects organizations in litigation, which typically requires years-worth of some form of email correspondence procurement. Every company will need to deploy a secure archiving service that holds their emails in case of major disaster, as part of their overall business continuity strategy.

Benefits of Email Archiving and Compliance

ExchangeDefender Email Archiving securely archives email to safeguard intellectual property, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Experience zero data loss with 100% data capture including email attachments.

Email Archiving offers unlimited storage with secure data protection.

Reduce the risks and costs of complying with discovery requests.

ExchangeDefender's email archiving service is compatible, and sync-ready with Microsoft Office 365.

ExchangeDefender services are financially backed, and are in optimum working status.

Receive access to audit reports, it also provides administrative search and discovery for the entire organization.

Try ExchangeDefender’s Email Compliance edition for business today!

Achieve compliance with tamper-proof email archiving and encryption for just $10 per month*.