Exchange Setup for iOS Devices

With our Hosted Exchange environment deploying an iOS is very simple, you only need to know your email address, exchange server, and password.

Step 1: Launch the Mail App

Launch the Mail app, and select Microsoft Exchange.

Step 2: Add Email Address

On the next screen, please input the email address and your password. Then select "Next".

Step 3: Configure Server Settings

If you have a correctly set-up AutoDiscover record, the iOS device will resolve the server. If you do not have an AutoDiscover record in place you will need to manually enter OR your assigned server. Once you are done confirming the information select "Next".

Step 4: Set Up Sync Preferences

On the next step you set up your Sync preferences. Once you are done select "Save". Once you select Save, you have successfully set up your iOS device with ActiveSync.

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