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Partnering with ExchangeDefender

ExchangeDefender products and services are distributed exclusively through our partners. Our expertise is in software development, application and network management, security, services and support. We work with our partners to design the solutions that meet the clients' needs, help them provide ongoing management and support including managed services, integration and more. ExchangeDefender partnerships help technology organizations of any size leverage our globally redundant network as well as software and services that meet their clients' needs.

Our service is all about how IT solution providers work. From effective marketing and sales support to services that are completely integrated into leading PSA platforms (Autotask, ConnectWise, and Shockey Monkey). We help partners streamline service delivery, onboarding, management as well as billing systems.

If you are looking to partner with a stable organization with expertise and a worldwide solution platform but still want to be able to work with its executive management, please join our partner program. It's free!


ExchangeDefender enables partners to deliver more reliable and profitable cloud and security solutions. Specifically, we enable you to:

  • Expand Product Portfolio
    ExchangeDefender enables you to offer Microsoft and Linux server solutions you may not have expertise in or simply do not want to manage yourself.

  • Add More Reoccuring Revenue
    All of ExchangeDefender's solutions are positioned as subscriptions - from ExchangeDefender to Exchange Hosting, you can offer hosting services at the rate that you control and realize monthly profits without ongoing client or infrastructure maintenance and management.
  • Reduce Business Management Costs
    Cloud services are affordable but managing more clients comes at an expense of updating invoices and managing a more complex billing system. Using our PSA integrations with Autotask and ConnectWise you can reduce monthly billing management down to a single click because all the service changes are in sync.

  • Reduce Support Costs
    When companies consider outsourcing they only want to outsource the stuff they dislike (migrations, licensing, hardware upgrades) but they want to stay in control. With ExchangeDefender, you have centralized control of all your clients services and they have full control of all their accounts. With full integration with your service desk, we can take care of all the support requests for our services and even enable your clients to make changes to their accounts on their own.

  • Target New Market Segments
    ExchangeDefender services are available at a low monthly fee enabling you to target startups, cost-conscious companies and organizations looking to consolidate or reduce their IT and licensing costs. Our enterprise solutions enable you to offer scalable solutions that require high availability or bandwidth globally from one organization that manages it end to end.
  • Close More Sales
    ExchangeDefender solutions are up and running within minutes giving you real-time management access to make any changes you may need right away. You can close your sales more rapidly and receive payments sooner.

  • Pursue Additional Projects
    ExchangeDefender eliminates the time required for research, training, deployment and ongoing support, allowing you to take on additional projects or spend your time on more profitable tasks. With value of dedicated networks diminishing and more flexible remote workforce, cloud solutions are in a very high demand.

  • Deliver Higher Redundancy & Reliability
    Offer your clients the benefit of 24/7/365 monitoring and management, high bandwidth solutions, remote office, off-site backups, SPAM filtering, virtual hosting, two-factor authentication, etc.

While we specialize in Microsoft and Linux server solutions, our staff and partners have experience in many third-party applications. If your project requires something specific that you can't find on this page, please contact us and we will do all we can to help design a solution that fits your client's unique needs.

Let's face it, you could build most of this stuff if you had the time and the willingness. Remaining competitive in the market where Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and virtually every technology conglomerate is trying to play requires a strong, time tested solution that is affordable and represents your brand. ExchangeDefender delivers the solution that you would design - we know because our solutions have been built on feedback from thousands of partners worldwide. With your brand, your pricing all supported by our staff, our marketing collateral, our training videos and experience we enable you to compete with your cloud solution, not just resell someone else's.

Click here to watch an overview video about our company from our CEO, Vlad Mazek.

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