What is ExchangeDefender Inbox?

ExchangeDefender Inbox is a modern and secure email platform that helps you work when your email stops working. By replicating and caching email as it's passing through ExchangeDefender it enables clients to access recent messages in realtime independent of their email hosting. ExchangeDefender Inbox also enables clients to send messages and gives easy access to ExchangeDefender security solutions such as bypass and encryption. Because ExchangeDefender Inbox is built on modern open standards, it will work seamlessly on all modern operating systems and mobile devices without purchasing or installing additional software. It just works.

Getting Started with ExchangeDefender Inbox

ExchangeDefender Inbox is available at https://admin.exchangedefender.com. Just login and click on Inbox.

ExchangeDefender Inbox minimalist layout makes it easy to use and works similarly to Outlook and Gmail.

To send a new email from ExchangeDefender Inbox, click on New Message.

On the left, you will see a folder listing featuring:

  • Inbox: email that we scanned and delivered to your email provider.
  • SPAM:quarantine of messages that contain unsolicited junk mail.
  • SureSPAM:quarantine of messages that failed security tests (phishing attempts, malware)
  • Released:messages that have been released from SPAM and SureSPAM quarantines.

On the right is the work panel where you will read, compose, forward, and interact with your Inbox contents. The navigation and message controls are always on the top, giving you a quick and easy way to manage and format your email as you're working on it.

ExchangeDefender Inbox main screen is the Folder & Message listing. Here you can compose New Message, Refresh the message listing, Search through email contents. On the right are pagination controls, Sorting by newest or oldest, access to Settings (time and display formatting), and a link to relevant documentation and help.

To read a message, just click on the subject:

All the popular email controls are at the top, enabling you to quickly navigate through your email, delete, mark as read, print, reply, and forward.

How to use ExchangeDefender Inbox

Message Editing

ExchangeDefender Inbox features a modern and responsive user interface that will be familiar to users of popular email solutions such as Gmail and Outlook Web App. Just click on New Message or Reply / Forward and you will be presented with the message editor.

If you prefer to write your emails in full screen, click on the Popup button. It will move the editor from inline to full screen.

To send an email to multiple email recipients, separate them with a comma,

At the bottom of the message editor is the attachment section. To attach files to your email either click on Attach files or drag and drop them on the area.

When you're ready to send your email just click Send. The dropdown arrow next to the Send button provides additional controls that enable you to send your response via our ExchangeDefender Email Encryption, or if you're dealing with bounces/RBLs/delivery errors you can use the ExchangeDefender Bypass to send the message via cloud service.

IMAP / SMTP Settings

ExchangeDefender Inbox is built on modern open standards, so it can be configured with the default email app on every modern computer, laptop, and mobile device. Just open your email app and setup an IMAP/SMTP account with your admin.exchangedefender.com username and password.


Server name: inbox.exchangedefender.com
Username & Password are same as admin.exchangedefender.com
Encryption: SSL/TLS
Ports: 993 (IMAP)


Server name: inbox.exchangedefender.com
Encryption: STARTTLS/SSL
Username & Password are same as admin.exchangedefender.com
Ports: 587


How do I send out from a different address?

Currently we only support your default login email address. Support for sending email from your email aliases is coming in our ExchangeDefender Inbox v2 client.

Can I export or backup my Inbox contents?

Yes, because ExchangeDefender Inbox is built on open standards you can use any modern cloud backup service to create a backup. If you just need a quick export, you can set the ExchangeDefender Inbox up with Outlook/Thunderbird or any other IMAP client and download/export messages to your desired format.

What are the ExchangeDefender Inbox limitations?

Each message is limited to 10 recipients.
Each message is limited to 10 attachments.
Each attachment is limited to 10mb.
Email is live in Inbox for up to 14 days (automatic expiration).

Need assistance?

ExchangeDefender is easy to reach, and we are here to help with your IT: