ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall

ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall (EPF) automatically secures inbound mail by rewriting HTML links so they are forced through our firewall when you click on them in Outlook, Gmail, or any web-enabled email application.

ExchangeDefender Security Center ( https://r.xdref.com) contains databases with millions of records identifying dangerous sites, safe sites (categorized by industry), dangerous extensions, virus definitions, and other means of analyzing the URL for the likelihood that it may contain dangerous content. Most of all, phishing protection is there to at least let you evaluate the URL you clicked on and see if it appears to be legitimate – most of the time it is clear to see that it is not (hackers and individuals that engage in spear phishing typically stuff the email with valid/legitimate sites but the button or image you’re encouraged to click on almost always leads you somewhere else)

On the ExchangeDefender Security Center Site you have easy access to all ExchangeDefender services on the right, help on the left, and site intelligence in the middle. There are usually three buttons:

  • Whitelist this web site – Whitelisting a web site will add the address to your Phishing Whitelist and automatically redirect you to the site in the future.
  • Blacklist / Ban this web site – Blacklisting a web site will add the address to your Phishing Blacklist and automatically block access to it in the future.
  • Report Issue – We appreciate feedback and inquiries and we are here to help. Clicking on this button will send ExchangeDefender the link data as well as your comments and questions. Our CSO personnel will review the link in 24 hours and respond with any intelligence we may be able to gather for you.

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