Cloud Services

Migrate advanced email systems to the cloud with no service interruption.

Advanced Solutions for Sophisticated Organizations

As your organization grows, it will require more sophisticated solutions and services to meet unique business case or regulatory requirements. ExchangeDefender has the building blocks and turnkey solutions to help solve most common needs, and we have the talent to build solutions to most complex and unique challenges as well.

Cloud Services Highlights

Dedicated Servers on the ExchangeDefender network allow you to quickly and efficiently access our enterprise cloud resources. Managed, secured and configured by the same team that runs our whole network, we can get your application connected to our services.

Custom implementations don’t have to break the bank. If you need a lot of control over your application but don’t need a lot of power, virtual servers are a perfect fit. Full administrative control, dedicated memory and CPU resources at half the cost and none of the hardware redundancy concerns.

ExchangeDefender network is all over the world and we take protecting our clients data seriously. Due to regulatory and compliance concerns, public cloud storage is simply not possible for us or for many of our clients. If you need a resilient, redundant, compliance-audited storage, we can help.

Managing passwords is hard. Managing complex passwords is next to impossible: users will always try a simple password or worse, use the same one everywhere. Our two factor authentication (one time password) application will enable the client to use a simple password they can remember and be issued a disposable password at login time that only they will have access to.

ExchangeDefender is all about security and we even worry about how you connect to us. With road warriors relying on mobile devices, insecure hotel and café wireless hotspots, compromised access points and worse – it’s imperative to rely on a VPN. We believe in this so strongly that it’s included in our Exchange Pro service at no additional cost – but if you’d like it extended to other network resources or services, we can do that too!

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Advanced Solutions for Sophisticated Organizations

- Dedicated Servers

- Virtual Servers

- Offsite Backups


Experts help you get the most out of the cloud.

- Custom Service Integrations

- Feature Design & Development

- Service Sales Engineering

- Rich Open & Proprietary API Access