Automate GDPR compliance with ExchangeDefender

The enterprise suite is a comprehensive email security and compliance service via an integrated cloud system.

ExchangeDefender helps organizations comply with GDPR by automating detection of sensitive private information, EU client data, consent tracking and powerful audit and policy wizards that alert you to potential issues.

Track Compliance Activities

Access to Audit Reports &
Compliance Standards

Ensure Data Protection
and Privacy

Fulfill Privacy Obligations
to Third Parties

Achieve email compliance with long-term email archiving and corporate encryption

ExchangeDefender Regulatory Compliance Suite enables organizations to automate GDPR compliance
by detecting and protecting sensitive content.

Encrypt Client Data on Demand

Our encryption feature is easy to use requiring no additional software, no configuration, or install. Simply send an email like usual and add [ENCRYPT] in the subject line.

Intercept and Review

Corporate encryption can automatically encrypt messages or forward the contents to the administrator for the corporate review. Our Strict Encryption [ENCRYPT] has an added layer of security requiring a password and 4-digit pin for secure access.

Automatically Detect Sensitive Information

Pattern-based encryption that can detect credit card numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth and other sensitive private information.

Use Message Content Filters

Lexicon dictionaries can contain words and word patterns that indicate someone is sending user data, automating eDiscovery.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting of all email activity as well as a Compliance Officer (CO) reporting with search capabilities provide proof of regulatory compliance and simplify reporting, audits, discovery and shift liability for message storage, access and destruction

Our email compliance solution is unmatched.

ExchangeDefender Enterprise suite is a full, end-to-end, eDiscovery and regulatory compliance service built, managed, supported, and operated by highly trained staff. Our compliance service also includes:

• SLA, monitoring & assurance service is operating properly
• Training resources for Compliance Officers and IT
• Full end-to-end CA implementation service
• English speaking, USA based support
• Current SOC1 Type 2, SOC2 Type 2 audit
• Assistance with eDiscovery and compliance requests, audit reports and standard adherence
• Ownership and control of all hardware & software
• Custom eDiscovery reporting and alerts

ExchangeDefender’s corporate archiving and eDiscovery makes GDPR compliance simple.

ExchangeDefender helps organizations achieve email compliance using the latest technologies to archive,
index and replicate company messages safely and securely.

Secure Long-term Archiving

Compliance Archive gives Compliance Officers access to 10 years of mail, allowing eDiscovery reporting to find sensitive personal information and original consent quickly and easily.

eDiscovery & GDPR

Our built-in eDiscovery system makes it easy to search across multiple mailboxes to locate any sensitive private information, source or consent.

GDPR & Message Protection

Compliance Archive assures you that none of your messages have ever been tampered with, deleted or otherwise hacked to hide data leaks.

Mail Journaling

Exchange Journaling Technology assures full archiving of all inbound, outbound and internal email.

Easy to Use

Our Compliance feature is easy to use requiring no additional software to install, configure or manage.

Don’t need the full enterprise suite? Discover these powerful solutions a la carte.

Compliance Archive | Corporate Encryption

Achieve Email Compliance with ExchangeDefender today!

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