IoT Security

Protect and Secure your IoT environment with robust built in Security.

IoT Security Solution: Device and Data Protection

PROTECT your data wherever it goes.

ExchangeDefender’s powerful IoT security solution is a custom email smarthost (outbound relay) designed specifically for Internet of Things devices and services to securely dispatch real time email alerts.

Our Security solution is a built-in IoT security software that monitors and protects IoT devices from potential risks, including data theft and ransomware attacks.

PUT SECURITY FIRST to ensure a seamless IoT integration for your business.

Connect new and existing devices with ExchangeDefender’s IoT Mail Relay Service that implements rigorous security standards to protect data at rest, and in motion. Stay in control with access controls and monitor for malicious behavior across all devices.


Feature Highlights:

Every device is assigned its own account/credentials.

Only traffic via TLS/SSL SMTP Protocol is permitted).

Compatible with all devices with SMTP/SSL capability.

Allows dynamic IP ranges enabling mobile devices with unsecured network connectivity to relay alerts.