Bring SMS to your business communications.

ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy is a virtual number that delivers SMS/TXT messages to your phone, email, Slack, or Teams. This service is currently available with local numbers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Signing Up

ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy is currently only available to IT Solution Providers through the ExchangeDefender Partner Program. Once you’re in our free partner program, you will have access to our portal that is used for service orders, management, support, and everything else you’ll need:

Click on Service Manager.

Click on SMS Proxy.

Click on the input box to select your country.

Select the number:

Click on “Setup ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy”

Congratulations, you’ve signed up for your first ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy virtual numbers. You can terminate it at any time. You can also purchase as many numbers as you want (many people use separate numbers for staff, teams, alerts, or seasonal promotions).

Managing Your Number

You will manage all of your ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy virtual numbers from the same Service Manager interface.

Login at https://support.exchangedefender.com and click on Service Manager > SMS Proxy.

Locate the number you wish to manage and click on Manage.

You will be presented with the following:

Display Name: Friendly display name that can identify the person/team/service this number is associated with. By default, the display name is set to the phone number.

Forward to: ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy enables you to forward an incoming TXT/SMS message to up to 5 SMS recipients (cell phone numbers in the same country, *charges may apply), email, Slack Microsoft Teams. Just provide the required information and click on Save Changes.

Additional Information

ExchangeDefender SMS Proxy provides a log of SMS messages available under Message Logs. All incoming messages are logged with a timestamp, message, and the source of the message (sender’s cell phone number)

For compliance purposes, Account History saves all routing and configuration settings made to the number over time. Because staff can be frequently added/removed from the forwarding settings, this log will help you identify who received the message at a point in time even if you don’t have access to their mobile phone or a compliance archiving service for email or Slack/Teams channels.


How many SMS recipients can I forward the message to?

You can forward SMS to up to five (5) different mobile phone numbers. If you need more than 5 please contact sales, or use the email address of their mobile phone to work around the SMS limitation.

What happens if staff replies to the copied text message from their phone?

Your virtual number is configured similarly to a group chat, everyone that is set to receive a copy of the SMS will get a copy of their response. (Nothing will be sent back to the original sender)

What if I get a ton of messages?

Please contact sales. We have special pricing for volume users.

How do I terminate the service?

You can terminate the service of any number at any time by going to https://support.ExchangeDefender.com. Click Service Manager > SMS Proxy > Manage (pick a number) > Terminate number.

Can I have multiple numbers in the same account?

Of course. You can have as many as you wish. There is even a Display Name label for each so you can tell which person, team, or promotion it’s assigned to.

Can my number receive “shortcode” messages?

Yes, please submit a support request to enable shortcode support. Please be aware of the limitation of shortcode numbers (there is no way to send shortcode internationally).

Can I modify the template for the email notification?

Not at this moment, but we’re working on it.

How do I create a webhook for Microsoft Teams?

Please see this article from Microsoft Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/webhooks-and-connectors/how-to/add-incoming-webhook

How do I create a webhook for Slack?

Please refer to Slack documentation: https://slack.com/help/articles/115005265063-Incoming-webhooks-for-Slack

Need assistance?

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