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Getting Started with ExchangeDefender

Documentation for ExchangeDefender Services

  • Encryption

    ExchangeDefender Encryption is a secure, encrypted, interface that allows users from multiple organizations to exchange email securely.

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  • Web File Sharing

    ExchangeDefender Web File Sharing simplifies collaboration, sharing, and management of large files, and folders via a secure, regulatory web service.

    Features | User Guide

  • Compliance Archiving

    ExchangeDefender Compliance Archive provides secure, long-term storage, recovery and eDiscovery system that assures compliance with regulatory requirements established by IRS, HIPAA, SOX and SEC.

    Features | User Guide

  • Email Hosting

    Secure business email hosted and managed by ExchangeDefender. Designed for organizations that need a reliable, full-service email with advanced security.

    Features | User Guide

  • Live Archive

    Live Archive is an enterprise-grade email continuity service that lets you resume work after a service interruption, or other technical malfunction.

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  • Password Vault

    Securely store and manage company passwords with a centralized management system. Password Vault makes generating, storing, and sharing passwords easy and safe.

    Features | User Guide

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